December 2023
November 2023
Application Portfolio Management Technology Risk and Compliance

Link multiple Fact Sheets to catalog items and gain transparency into items reported missing

You can now link multiple Fact Sheets to the same item in one of our Reference Catalogs, extending the use cases to synch multiple instances of the same Application or IT Component. Also, for enhanced visibility on the status of missing items reported to be added to the Lifecycle Catalog, we added the 'Declined' status to show that items are either not eligible to be in the Lifecycle Catalog or no vendor information is available.
Application Portfolio Management

Introduction of user-based rate limiting

While we strive to grant as much flexibility as possible with our APIs and unlimited user access, we also need to ensure the user experience remains consistent and is fairly distributed throughout workspaces. Therefore, we have introduced a general user-based rate limit, including our single-page application. For each user, whether it is a human user or a technical API user, the limit will be 1800 requests per minute. When exceeded, our services will return a 429 status code.
October 2023