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EAM weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented, and bugs fixed in the past week:


  • The settings of Landscape reports now feature clustering by relations to the report's Fact Sheet type itself. Although clustering by 'Parents' has been available before, the Landscape report can now be clustered by 'Children', 'Predecessors', 'Successors', and all other direct relations (e.g., so-called self-referencing relations to other subtypes of the Fact Sheet).

  • Also in Landscape reports, each cluster is visualized with a letter icon representing the Fact Sheet type in front of the individual Fact Sheet name (e.g., 'B' for Business Capability). To improve the clarity of the overall report, we've removed the icon for all clusters that are not on hierarchy level 1. There is no loss of information because all clusters are shown with a visual association to the first level.

  • A bug leading to an inconsistent display of Fact Sheets in specific constellations in reports has been fixed. This issue arose when a Fact Sheet is related to two other Fact Facts that are linked via a parent-child relationship themselves.


  • A bug was fixed where the names of Fact Sheets in drill-down containers disappeared after switching the labels setting (e.g., from 'name' to 'full name').


  • We added accessible labels for the drop-down button to access the 'Add multiple' option on a relation subsection and integration synchronization icons on the Fact Sheet details page.

  • For better visibility, the colors of the buttons to close the '+ Invite' pop-up and toggle the right side panel in the inventory have a higher contrast.

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