New Matrix Report

STAGE: Released

Released! Read the announcement

A new version of the report provides an extensive range of new capabilities compared to the former matrix report, including:

  • User experience: Updated design and improved usability (e.g., optimized layout for better readability).

  • New clustering options for both axes: Individualize the x- and y-axis to various new relations, fields, or tag groups.

  • Configurable labels: Choose between different label options for items and axis labels.

  • Time slider: Visualize the state of your architecture at any point in time, like in landscape and portfolio reports

  • Relations display: Additional column to better distinguish between the relations of items directly at either top-level or child clusters.

  • In addition to the preview, report saving, exporting, and editing attributes on the side pane will be available

  • Since the 'Time Frame' view will no longer be part of the matrix report, saved matrix reports with this view will automatically be migrated to the new roadmap report, providing a similar time-based overview.

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