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New matrix report

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The new version of the matrix report, which has been available as a preview already, is now being rolled out as default to all workspaces incrementally from today till the end of next week. In this process, the preview has been deactivated.

Matrix reports now provide a range of new capabilities compared to the former matrix report, including:

  • New clustering options for both axes: Individualize the x- and y-axis to various new relations, fields, or tag groups.

  • Support for all relations, with no limitation on constraint relations.

  • Multiple indirect relations can be removed at once.

  • Relations display: Additional column to better distinguish between the relations of items directly at either top-level or child clusters.

  • Configurable labels: Choose between different label options for items and axis labels in the report setting.

  • Setting to 'Show inherited Fact Sheet' to show items directly related to the top-level cluster on lower hierarchy levels.

  • Time slider: Visualize the state of your architecture at any point in time, like in landscape and portfolio reports.

  • As an extension to the functionality of the preview, report saving, exporting, and editing attributes on the side pane is available.

  • User experience: Updated design and improved usability (e.g., optimized layout for better readability).

These features are not yet available but on the roadmap to be added later:

  • Differential view to compare two different points in time

  • Views on drill-downs

  • Left- and right property (on drill-downs)

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