LeanIX Product Team

Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Besides several exciting new capability launches, the following feature improvements and bug fixes have been released in the last two weeks:


  • The inventory table view now expands rows to show the entire content (e.g., when description fields include line breaks.


  • An issue with filtering in Data Flow diagrams has been addressed, so you can now filter for interface fact sheets again.


  • As announced with the release of the new LeanIX app for Microsoft Teams, from today, users of the previous notifications app need to install the new app from the Microsoft Teams Store to retain notification functionality.

  • Although we strive to keep API endpoints as stable as possible, we'll turn off the deprecated REST API endpoint to search for names in bookmarks of saved searches, reports, and diagrams on April 30, 2024.
    As an alternative endpoint is available, the deprecated one was barely used, and admins responsible for workspaces calling this endpoint within the last 90 days have already been informed about this change. For details, look at the 'Navigation' service in our Open API Explorer.

    • Deprecated endpoint: GET /services/pathfinder/v1/search/bookmarks

    • Recommended alternative endpoint: GET /services/navigation/v1/navigationItems/search

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