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Updated detailed layout mode on Landscape reports

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

In 2022, we introduced a refined 'Detailed' layout mode on Landscape reports, complementing the existing 'Detailed' and new 'Rolled-up' and 'Stacked' layout modes. After making the new 'Detailed' mode the default in June 2023, we gathered valuable feedback about spacing between report elements and large white spaces, which occurred in certain situations, such as Fact Sheets being grouped in one large cluster.

Responding to your insights, we have now updated the mode with well-balanced cluster structures and deep single-structure landscapes. The report's clusters efficiently utilize the entire screen width and adapt when resizing the window. To address further concerns, we have made additional visual changes:

  • Improved spacing for easier differentiation between child Fact Sheets and child clusters

  • Icons to indicate the cluster's Fact Sheet type (also new in the 'Stacked' and 'Rolled-up' layouts)

  • Removal of some non-functional visual decorations to emphasize displayed information

We've delayed plans to discontinue the legacy layout mode and encourage your feedback on the roadmap item.

Please note that wrapping clusters over multiple rows can be deactivated in the report settings.

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