LeanIX Product Team

SaaS Catalog features Log4Shell remediation status

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

LeanIX's SaaS Catalog now contains information on the Log4j version of the top SaaS applications. In the new 'Log4Shell remediation status' section of the SaaS Catalog's preview, users can review the Log4jShell remediation status and URL to the vendor's source of information. A dedicated team of LeanIX researchers focuses on keeping the data up to date.


Users can access the preview via 'SaaS Catalog' in the right side pane of the Fact Sheet details page when the Application Fact Sheet of the SaaS has been linked to a SaaS Catalog entry.

SaaS Catalog is an optional feature available in APM workspaces to be activated by admins. The reference catalog provides information on SaaS applications like description, product category, SSO, and hosting data. Now it also includes the Log4Shell remediation status for the top used SaaS.

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