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EAM weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements and bug fixes have been implemented in the past week:


  • Virtual workspaces allow controlling user access to data at the individual Fact Sheet level. A bug has been fixed to ensure that only those Access Control Entities are cloned when cloning a Fact Sheet, which the user performing the action can access.


  • The diagrams editor has been updated to version 22.1.18 of the library, making the shape library of ArchiMate 3.2 and Kubernetes available, besides updates to AWS and GCP icon sets. You can add them to your side panel via 'More Shapes'.

  • Diagrams referenced on the 'Resources' tab now show the diagram's name instead of its ID.

  • Changes applied to the zoom and panning of diagrams in view mode during loading are preserved after the update in the background is finished.


  • When exporting Fact Sheet subscriptions from the inventory, the formatted data no longer includes a double colon :: which was an incorrect format for the import.


  • The 'Conservative Sync' mode, recently introduced for the integration with SAP Signavio, is now also available for the ServiceNow Integration. This method of data synchronization lets you choose to delete only those items that have become unlinked from the source system. All manually created Fact Sheets and those linked to other integrations will be preserved. To summarize the options:

    • Additive Sync only creates and updates items and never deletes anything.

    • Conservative Sync only deletes items that have been created in the target system and are no longer linked to any source object. Whether LeanIX or ServiceNow is the source or target system depends on your configuration.

    • Overwrite Sync deletes any items that are not linked to a source object or that are linked to a source object that no longer exists.

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