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EAM weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented, and bugs fixed in the past week:


  • Diagram widgets on dashboards show an inline error page in case the diagram can't be found because it has been deleted or users don't have permission to access the diagram.


  • The 'Search for more' option for filters on subscriptions and tags works as expected again by showing results matching the search.


  • Creating multiple diagrams with different abstraction layers lets you break down large and complex architecture diagrams into manageable illustrations. You can now add links to shapes within diagrams to maintain the link between various diagrams and for seamless navigation. In edit mode, any shape not connected to a Fact Sheet can be directly linked to an existing diagram, and the connected diagrams will open in a new tab. Users in view mode will jump to the referenced diagram and back on the same tab.


  • Helping to navigate larger amounts of To-Dos, every To-Do list (e.g., on the 'Collaboration' tab and the dedicated tab on Fact Sheets) now shows a small card that indicates how many To-Dos meet the current filter criteria defined below.


  • A new version of the LenaIX Integration for ServiceNow (version 1.1.4) has been certified and is available on the ServiceNow Store.

  • An additional 'Conservative Sync' mode for data synchronization with SAP Signavio lets you efficiently manage data by deleting only those items that have become unlinked from the source system. All manually created Fact Sheets and those linked to other integrations, including a different SAP Signavio configuration, will be preserved. At the same time, we've rolled out an improved record-matching logic for connecting multiple SAP Signavio instances to one LeanIX workspace (not yet configurable in the UI).

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