Value Stream Management: VSM

Public Cloud integration - Cloud Spend extraction per Software Artifact & Cloud Account

STAGE: Released

We extend the Public Cloud Integration to populate the Value Stream Management workspace with cloud spend data. The cost information will be available for the following items:

  1. per AWS Account

  2. Azure Resource Group, Azure Subscription

  3. per GCP Project

  4. per Software Artifact (e.g., microservice)

The cloud spend data is read directly from the Cloud Provider for the respective Cloud Account object. Tags on these Cloud Account objects can be used to map entire accounts to Software Artifacts, resulting in a mapping of the associated cloud spend to the Software Artifact. For AWS, cost allocation tags will be used to extract also resource-level cost information to the respective Software Artifact.

Visibility into the Cloud Spend per Cloud Account empowers modern DevOps teams to stay on top of their costs. On the level of Software Artifacts, this cost information gives product leaders insights into the runtime cost in comparison to the business value provided by Software Artifacts and Products, and ensures that no virtual machines are forgotten.

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