Value Stream Management: VSM Integrations

Public Cloud Integration - Virtual Machines

STAGE: Released

The Public Cloud Integration for Virtual Machines connects to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, and populates the Value Stream Management workspace with information about virtual machines, i.e., AWS EC2s, Azure Virtual Machines, and GC Compute Engines. Visibility into the cloud footprint allows DevOpsSec teams to identify account ownership, orphaned services and provides engineering leaders a means to implement efficient government processes.

For each of the virtual machines the following information will be provided:

  1. a link to their Cloud Account (AWS Account, Azure Resource Group, GC Project)
  2. a link to the underlying Cloud Service
  3. the tags (AWS / Azure) respective labels (GC) assigned to these instances
  4. the location of the instance (e.g., AWS North Europe vs. Azure US East)
  5. an auto-discovered link to a Software Artifact based on tags/labels in the cloud environment
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