LeanIX Product Team
Value Stream Management: VSM

Weekly roundup of improvements and fixes

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

1) CI/CD and GitHub repository integrations improvement

The CI/CD and GitHub repository integrations that operate on Software Artifact Fact Sheets now respect any changes users make to the category (e.g., Microservice, Microfrontend …) and will not overwrite any manual changes. Furthermore, newly discovered Software Artifact Fact Sheets will be categorized as "n/a" to enable users to decide & assign the most suitable category.

2) Jenkins plugin

When using the Jenkins plugin for the CI/CD integration, users can provide the path to a custom Maven settings file which allows them to use a custom mirror requiring authentication information. Please consult our LeanIX documentation for detailed instructions or read up the Jenkins plugin description.

3) Relation Landscape report now available

The Relation Landscape report is now available in all VSM workspaces. This report is an evolution of the existing Landscape Report focusing on transitive relations. For example, users can now investigate which Teams use certain Technologies by leveraging the relation between Technology and Software Artifact.

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