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Application Portfolio Management

Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements and bug fixes have been implemented in the past week:


  • The previous limit of 5,000 results when filtering the inventory for related Fact Sheets with 'Advanced Filter' has been removed. This means you won't receive an error message when you filter all your Applications to those related to a top-level Business Capability or Organization (User Group), and the resulting number of Fact Sheets will be above 5,000.

  • All tags and subscriptions are available to users in the inventory filters, even if they don't have read permission on them for all Fact Sheet types.


  • Just like on Free Draw diagrams, you can now leverage the 'Roll up' and 'Roll up by filter' features on Data Flow diagrams. A roll-up is similar to a drill-down, helping visualize relations in a structured way through containers clustering the same relation or hierarchy to other Fact Sheets. However, it works in reverse compared to drill-down. In a roll-up, the selected Fact Sheet is placed inside the container, not the container holding other Fact Sheets.

  • Adding connector lines to Fact Sheets in drill-down and roll-up containers is now possible on Data Flow diagrams to visualize hierarchical dependencies and Interfaces at the same time.

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