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Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LX Product Champions

The following feature improvements have been implemented and bugs fixed during two weeks:


  • If the Roadmap Report is sufficiently large, the exported PDF document will span multiple pages to improve its readability.

  • Tags in the axis of the Portfolio Report are now ordered alphabetically.


  • Users can now choose to auto-update diagrams with the information from the Inventory while creating Fact Sheets and relations from diagrams.

    • If the users choose to auto-update diagrams, the labels of the Fact Sheets and relations, as well as view colors, will be automatically updated when the diagram is in 'view' or 'edit' mode. Auto-updating diagrams can be enabled by checking the "Automatically update labels & view colors" checkbox in the "Update" panel.

    • If the users choose not to activate auto-updating of diagrams, updates for labels of the Fact Sheets and relations as well as view colors will not happen.

    • Existing diagrams will not be updated automatically unless the users configure the auto-updating of diagrams.


  • Administrators can now filter the Sync Log entries to show entries depending on their status values (e.g., only show runs that produced warnings or runs that resulted in an error).

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