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Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented, and bugs fixed in the past week:


  • The full-snapshot exports in the admin include the hierarchy 'level' of a fact sheet, a field that users can't directly interact with but is calculated automatically.

  • When the number of tags and their total width on a fact sheet details page exceeds the page width, they are correctly wrapped into a new line according to the window size.

  • Two bugs in the inventory's table view have been fixed. Firstly, existing values can again be removed from a date field in the table view, and secondly, the label of the fact sheet subtype is shown correctly even without selecting the fact sheet type. Also, values in the subtype column can now only be edited when the corresponding fact sheet type is selected.

Meta model configuration:

  • In recent months, member users of new workspaces have not automatically received the standard permission to edit, update, and delete the description field on fact sheets. This was fixed, so the expected permissions are now set in new workspaces. For workspaces created in the past, an automated fix added this permission for member users in case no permissions in the meta model configuration have been touched (the permission setting still matches the default). Admin users have always been able to adjust the permission manually in the meta-model configuration. If you have received a new workspace and changed user permissions, recheck the settings to see if those for the description field for member users match your expectations and change it if not.

  • Fields on fact sheets for which 'is read-only' has been toggled on in the meta model configuration count correctly into the fact sheet's completion score.

Reference data:

  • Solutions suggestions are available on the bulk-linking page in the 'Reference Business Architecture', which can be accessed from the right-hand pane of the inventory overview. Only reference business capabilities on level 3 provide suggested solutions, which can be previewed before linking them to a fact sheet.

Application discovery:

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