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Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

In the past week, these feature improvements and bug fixes have been released:

Reports & Diagrams:

  • Users can mark any diagram or report as a favorite by selecting the star icon on the overview page ('All Diagrams', 'All Reports'). Doing so helps find their most relevant ones as they are collected on the 'Favorites' page in the 'Personal' section. When deleting reports or diagrams, you are informed about how many users have marked the item as a favorite, helping you evaluate the importance before deleting it.

  • A bug on diagrams has been fixed that occurred when the color of a shape linked to a fact sheet is changed by switching the view on the diagram (e.g., to 'Lifecycle'). This results in the ArchiMate icon in the top right corner of shapes staying visible.

Reference Data:

  • So far, suggested SAP solutions have only been shown on the transformations tab of business capabilities in workspaces with Architecture and Road Map Planning (formerly BTM). Now, the suggestions are available in all workspaces when linking a business capability from the reference business architecture. You can use this additional information as guidance during transformations or turn off this functionality in the 'Optional Features' when you are not interested in suggestions.

  • Suggested solutions are only available for fact sheets linked to a level-3 business capability from the reference. To help choose the correct level, the levels are now indicated with the label (L1, L2, or L3) on the page to link existing business capability fact sheets to reference items.


  • The recently introduced table view for transformations, which allows users to view and edit them at once in workspaces with Architecture and Road Map Planning (formerly BTM), has just been extended by creating transformations. Based on an inventory search, users can create multiple transformation changes simultaneously for any fact sheet field of the selected transformation template. A new row representing a transformation is added to the table for each selected fact sheet.


  • The growth of available integrations encouraged us to overhaul the look and feel of how integrations in the admin area are visible and can be managed. In the same move, the sources for SaaS discovery have been added to the integrations overview. The management of integrations is now split into these two actions:

    • Add an integration via a new fullscreen layout focusing on the initial setup process.

    • Access the configuration of active integrations shown on the integrations page with their corresponding state without being distracted by the list of integrations that have yet to be set up.

  • The integration with Collibra now supports authenticating with your identity provider (IdP). This more secure authentication method is recommended over the previous and still available 'Basic Auth' method.

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