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Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

In the past two weeks, these bug fixes and feature improvements have been released:


  • Improvements to our GraphQL API result in significantly faster loading (up to 10x) of the fact sheet details page and the relation explorer in workspaces with a large number of subscribers and resources added to fact sheets. This has also a positive impact on the duration of integration runs.

  • A bug with the inventory's table view has been fixed. The table content also updates when expanding the width of columns and immediately scrolling while the table content is loading.

  • We also fixed a bug in which the full-text search query was not removed when switching between saved searches.

  • Another bug that allowed creating fields that collide with default and reserved names was fixed. Creating fields with such reserved keys is no longer possible in the meta model configuration. Also, adding or deleting a value of a field on a relation in the meta model configuration doesn't lead to an error anymore.


  • To support individual and more complex use cases with automations, they can now trigger webhooks enabling the use of third-party automation tools (e.g., Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier, etc.) for real-time reaction to changes in your workspace. Sending webhooks is a new action available when editing an automation and it requires creating a PUSH webhook in the admin areas 'Webhooks' section using theAUTOMATION_TRIGGEREDevent. See our documentation for what the webhook payload contains and further details.


  • The Collibra integration previously always mapped and synchronized communities and domains from Collibra into data object fact sheets in LeanIX when synchronizing business assets. In the integration configuration, admins can now choose whether to sync both communities and domains, only domains, or none of them. The new default is 'No mapping', but existing configurations are unchanged.

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