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Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

In the past week, these fixes and feature improvements have been released:


  • The recently released AI capabilities were extended by AI-assisted report descriptions, helping users create eloquent descriptions of their reports. The AI capabilities are an optional feature that admins can activate for their workspace in the admin area's 'Optional Features & Early Access' section.

  • In the settings for the new radar report, you can now select the maximum number of fact sheets to be shown as data points in a segment. When the number of fact sheets exceeds this setting, they are not represented by single elements but by a number of their sum. The full list of the individual fact sheets is still available in the report's side panel when clicking the respective number.

  • The loading performance of roadmap reports, especially when showing the fact sheet's subscribers as additional data, has been reduced significantly through changes in the backend services and enhanced caching.

  • The maximum length of report descriptions has been increased from 50 to 70 characters to provide more space for speaking report titles.


  • When no dashboards exist for users (e.g., the default dashboard has been deleted), the dashboard area isn't blank anymore, but a message invites users to create a new dashboard.


  • When querying allFacetItems()with the GraphQL API, thefactSheetType and filterText are now mandatory fields. If they are missing, the user will receive an error indicating the fields are missing instead of a null pointer exception.

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