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Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LX Product Champions

The following feature improvements have been implemented and bugs fixed this week:

  1. Inventory:

  • A bug has been fixed, which earlier did not allow focus on the first input while trying to edit a subsection in the Fact Sheet detail page through the keyboard.

  • The help text beneath the fields on the Fact Sheet details page has been improved to be displayed correctly without overlapping with texts from other fields.

  • A bug that earlier allowed editing of single- and multi-select values even after configuring them as 'read-only' has now been fixed.

  1. Dashboard: The toggle to switch between the legacy To-Dos and the new To-Dos has been removed, thereby accessing the legacy To-Dos from the Dashboard UI is no longer possible. In the next iteration, the pathfinder endpoints will be deprecated for the legacy To-Dos.

  2. An additional BTM Transformation template to "Withdraw Application": Using this template, an existing Application can be removed from a selection of User Groups and Business Capabilities. Next on our roadmap is a template that will take one step further to decommission an Application fully.

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