LeanIX Product Team
Application Portfolio Management Value Stream Management: VSM

Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented and bugs fixed during this week:

Inventory: The bug that displayed the data deletion warning message even when users add a field value in single-select or multi-select fields in Meta Model configuration, has now been fixed.

Dashboard: The order of items in the Fact Sheet charts on the Dashboard are sorted in ascending order if the "Natural" order of entries is selected while configuring the custom chart.

Integrations: LeanIX provides "Technical User" functionality to create API Tokens to access the software in an automatic fashion. Usage of "API Tokens" is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Users are recommended to avoid creating new API Tokens and consider migrating existing API Tokens to use Technical Users. A timeline for removing API Tokens will be communicated later in 2022.

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