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Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented and bugs fixed in the last week:


  • The Meta Model configuration has been improved where each Fact Sheet subsection with a relation can be translated and updated independently without reflecting the changes in any other relation. E.g., if an Application Fact Sheet has relations with both Business Capability and Process Fact Sheets, the Business Capability subsection can be changed without those changes reflected in the Process Fact Sheet subsection.

  • A bug has been fixed, which caused an error when the 'f' hotkey was used to filter the search bar in the Inventory from the advanced filter mode.

  • A bug that caused an error when tag groups containing (.) in their names were copy pasted from one cell to another in the Fact Sheet table view mode has now been fixed.

  • Mandatory fields taking integer numbers as values have been improved to accept '0' as a value and mark them complete.

  • When selecting five or specific Fact Sheets using the Inventory filter, an incorrect count (-1) was displayed in the Fact Sheet drop-down details. This bug has been fixed.


  • The user interface of the Interface Circle map has been improved where the side panel opens or updates only on clicking the Fact Sheet names.

  • A bug has been fixed, which caused an error where the Matrix Report was not getting refreshed or updated automatically once drill-down elements were added or removed using the side panel editing.

  • A bug that previously caused an error of not updating the lifecycle in the Roadmap report immediately once users on the report updated the lifecycle of a Fact Sheet in the side panel containing the details of the Fact Sheet has now been fixed.

  • On Matrix reports, users can choose not to show children of clusters if they do not fit the selected implemented filter(s). With this feature, the functionality that was already enabled on Landscape reports is now available on Matrix Report.

  • To have a consistent and reliable behavior while calling a report without a report bookmark ID (e.g.,, a fixed redirect has been implemented to the page, which opens the report without an underlying bookmark.

  • A bug has been fixed where the side panel could not be opened when a custom lifecycle view has been selected in reports. In addition, custom lifecycles show up in the details of the side panel.

Automations: With new condition capabilities for Automations soon to be released, the object of the PUT and POST endpoints for Automations templates will be adapted. Consequently, the GET endpoint will return a different result. With extensive monitoring, no active usage of these endpoints has been seen, but we expect to encounter intrusive behavior.

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