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Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented and bugs fixed during this week:


  • Columns and rows in the Matrix Report can be hidden or restored to the original form by hovering over the hide/show button on the side of the X-axis and top of the Y-axis. The hidden rows and columns in the reports can be saved as bookmarks and restored while loading the reports again.

  • A bug that previously caused an error when no view was applied to the diagram has now been fixed, and the UI has been improved.

  • A bug has been removed, which caused diagrams to not open due to failed image uploads.

  • The Lucidchart integration as an option in the diagram creation dialog can be removed. Please get in touch with the respective Customer Success Manager (CSM) to have it deactivated.

  • In the Data Flow Diagram, line breaks and comma separators have been introduced between each list item in the Diagram detail view panel.


  • Exports to PNG files have been improved to include the view legend of the report.

  • In the 'Reports' admin section, the titles of the custom reports (as defined in the package.json file) are visible in the table along with the Report IDs. The reports can be opened via the newly introduced button on the right instead of the previous link attached to the Report ID.

  • In the Landscape Report, all children (including the ones that do not match the cluster filters) can be viewed for additional context by activating the checkbox in the reports settings. By default, this checkbox is enabled. When disabled, the additional children added for context will not be visible.

BTM Transformation:

  • Planning transformation initiatives have been improved by introducing a new template, 'Roll out an existing Application,' to apply predefined impact groups. This template lets users choose existing applications from the Inventory and decide which user group it is made available to. In addition, when admins select the new template to create transformation initiatives, the new value for the 'Transformation type' field is also provisioned and used as Inventory filters and reporting.

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