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Application Portfolio Management Architecture and Road Map Planning

Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented and bugs fixed during this week:

Dashboard: Percentage KPIs can be displayed as absolute numbers or percentages on dashboards, which can be controlled via a checkbox in the KPI Panel configuration.


  • Custom impacts can be defined on a transformation in order to impact those Fact Sheets which are not part of the 'scope' of the actual transformation. Custom impacts on transformation enable users to set the lifecycle of another application to the end of life while implementing a new application or to create a relation between a new Application and a Business Capability. While setting the Lifecycle phase, the Fact Sheet type present in the transformation is selected by default. The other Fact Sheet types can be added by activating the 'Show all types' checkbox.

  • When selecting a Fact Sheet type in the Inventory, a bug that previously caused redundant entries to be displayed on the 'Show in Report' section of the side panel has now been fixed.


  • Applications that have 'removed' differential views can be distinguished from active applications with the 'n/a' lifecycle on reports through a greyish background, text color, and dashed border.

  • The new Roadmap Report has been improved to contain the 'required/ required by' relations, consistent with the options that the Matrix also provides.

Diagram: A bug previously caused users to directly navigate to the link behind the hyperlink while adding and saving the link to a diagram to enter the 'read-only' mode. The bug has now been fixed.

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