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Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented and bugs fixed during this week:


  • A bug that previously prevented users from retaining access to a copy of the write restricted dashboard has been fixed.

  • A bug has been fixed where the support button would function according to the workspace's settings.

Inventory: A bug on the excel results in Surveys that previously caused the marked answers to be displayed as 'no answer given yet' even if an answer was provided has been fixed.

Reports: The visualization of the disabled reports has been improved on the admin reports page.

BTM Transformations:

  • Admins can decide how they want to configure the impacts within transformations. It can be done by selecting the option 'configure' in early access of BTM Transformations and Milestones. Admins can choose between configuring the impacts by removing and creating direct relations between Fact Sheets or maintaining 'active from/ active until fields on direct relations between Fact Sheets. This setting will impact the entire workspace and transformation types and cannot be set separately for individual transformation types.

  • A bug caused only the first impact to be projected when multiple impacts of the same transformation type were added. This bug has been fixed.

  • When a transformation was using a milestone from the parent Fact Sheet, while the selected Fact Sheet did not have a milestone, a bug caused the projection of the transformation to not work. This bug has been fixed.

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