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Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented during this week:


  • In order to increase clarity around to-do states, the "ready" state has been renamed to "open" state for those to-dos which have not been started or closed yet. Moreover, the "prepared" to-do state will be removed beginning of the next week since it is not used.

  • The visualization of the due date in the "My to-dos" view and the to-do view column on the Fact Sheet has been improved with the display of the date-stamp. Additionally, on hovering over the date stamp, the remaining number of days left to reach the due date can be seen. Moreover, the date-stamp turns red only if the to-do is overdue, which means the to-do is still either open or in progress, while the due date has been reached.

  • On the side panel of the Fact Sheet detail page, to avoid confusion between "There are no to-dos for this Fact Sheet" and open mandatory attributes to be filled on the Fact Sheet, the order of their appearance has been interchanged.


  • Users can now select multiple plans as the source of transformation in the report types that are compatible with BTM (e.g., Landscape, Matrix, Portfolio). This enables users to visualize all the changes in the IT landscape of the workspace at the same time. The timeline for the reports will be generated based on the earliest start date and latest end date amongst the selected plans. If any milestones were created, they would also be visible in the timeline.

  • With the rollout of early access of Transformations, users having projects in their BTM workspaces will also be able to select multiple projects for the same report.

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