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Weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented and bugs fixed during this week:

  • Roadmap report:

    • The performance for displaying a roadmap clustered by relations (e.g. Show Application Roadmap clustered by Business Capabilities) has been increased by up to 70%.

    • When a level selector for a cluster on a roadmap report was clicked, it previously did not expand the clusters of that level automatically. It now expands automatically.

  • Transformation report: When a transformation item was set to a timing duration of '0', the transformation roadmap report previously expected users to add timing details. It is now represented as a short bar.

  • Business Capability report: When navigating to the Inventory from a landscape report (e.g., Business Capability Map) clustered by 'parents', the parent filter will no longer be applied by default.

  • Integration API:

    • The API does not produce any warnings in cases where the search scope results in "no entry". The behavior doesn't change. Just the message is changed to "informational".

    • The 'inboundRelation' processor can now be set to "optional" not to show any warning if the source or target Fact Sheet is not existing in the workspace.

    • The API can now read and write the new 'lxState' fields.

  • Inventory: The performance for adding and editing multiple relations has been improved.

  • Lifecycle Catalog: The URL to the Lifecycle Catalog has been changed from '.../inventory/reference-data' to '.../inventory/ITComponent/reference-data'. Please update any browser bookmark of the former URL.

  • Diagrams: An additional option to export diagrams into an XML file is available which can be imported into Documentation on how to use the resulting XML file can be found in the ' Export' section of our documentation.

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