LeanIX Product Team

Weekly bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team
  • Diagramming: We fixed a bug where archived Fact Sheets in a diagram would cause the “Check for changes“ functionality to break.

  • Inventory: Long text inside a table cell in the inventory table view is no longer cutting off words for line breaks. We always break the entire word in the new line now.

  • Metrics: There is no longer an error when the last metrics chart of a workspace is deleted, which has led to the fact that no new charts could be created.

  • Surveys: Three different bugs in the survey design have been fixed:

    1. A timeout when using the Fact Sheet filters in the survey designer no longer occurs.

    2. Deletion of subscription roles in the survey design is possible again.

    3. If there is no subscription role in the survey design listed, but survey respondents have a role, they can now be selected in the fields. The list of subscription roles in the survey design acts as an inclusive list.

  • Integration API: Archived Fact Sheets can be processed in searches in inbound and outbound processors now.

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