SAP LeanIX Product Team
Value Stream Management: VSM

VSM weekly feature improvement summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

This is the first announcement summarizing the gradual feature improvements and bug fixes of LeanIX VSM. We'll publish this summary every week when there is something to share with you.

The following feature improvements have been implemented this week:

Service Catalog

  • The Service Catalog is now shown by default in the grid view. This allows you to get a more comprehensive view of the services, their owning team, and the supported product. In addition, you can use the new 'See in Service Catalog' link on the team page to easily navigate the team to the Service Catalog to see the filtered list of services owned by the team.


  • The VSM-SBOM-Booster allows you to configure the time threshold for killing analyzer containers. Previously we had a hard-coded time limit to kill containers generating the SBOM for longer than 15 minutes, as these tend to block a worker slot.

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