SAP LeanIX Product Team
Value Stream Management: VSM

VSM feature improvement summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented within the past weeks:

Discovery API

VSM-EAM Integration

  • Say hello to the Auto-Import of Products based on EAM Applications! It automatically detects products based on Application Fact Sheets in an EAM workspace that's connected to your VSM and imports them as Products. While before, you had to map these manually to products via the mapping inbox, this step is now done automatically, saving you substantial time and effort. Included features are:

    • Controlled mapping: You can still modify or delete the mapping via the mapping inbox, providing you with full control and flexibility.

    • Preserve existing Applications: The auto-import is triggered only for new applications. The mapping for applications discovered before won't be changed or overridden, preserving your previous manual decisions.

    • Bulk import: Click 'select all' and then apply the bulk action to implement the suggested action for all Applications.

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