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Value Stream Management (VSM) end of year releases

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

We are releasing a batch of updates at the end of the year to clear our queues and prepare us for 2022. The following updates have been released over the last week:

Extract cloud spend per GCP Project

The Public Cloud Integration is now extracting the cloud spend for GCP Projects. As a result, the day-to-day cloud spend is extracted from GCP and loaded into the metrics tab of the corresponding GCP Project Cloud Account Fact Sheet.


On the Fact Sheet level, a new section "Cloud Spend" with the attributes "Cloud Spend Last 30 Days" and "Cloud Spend Yesterday" are populated with the matching cloud spend to allow for easy reporting.

Consult our documentation on enabling cloud spend extraction for your GCP projects.

Tag extraction for Azure Subscriptions

In addition to Azure Ressource Groups, we are also extracting Tags on the Azure Subscription level to the corresponding Cloud Account Fact Sheet.

Tag-based Cloud Account resources mapping to Software Artifacts

You can now use tags on Azure Resource Groups and labels on GCP Projects to map all Compute Environments within that Resource Group resp. Project to a Software Artifact Fact Sheet. The existing configuration of the tag-based mapping can be used. The origin of the mapping is surfaced on the relations between Software Artifacts and Cloud Accounts resp. Compute Environment.


View on Cloud Account


View on Software Artifact

Tag-based mapping support for AWS Accounts and Azure Subscriptions will be added later.

CI/CD via Github Action - Allow to provide authentication information to access private repositories from within maven

When using the GitHub action for the CI/CD integration, the path to a custom maven settings file can be provided, allowing to use a custom mirror requiring authentication information. Please consult our documentation for detailed instructions:

LeanIX Value Stream Management action - GitHub Marketplace
GitHub Actions - LeanIX Documentation

Duplicate name conflict on integration discovery resolved

When Fact Sheets are discovered via an integration, but a Fact Sheet with the same name already exists from another integration, LeanIX VSM now creates a new Fact Sheet with a suffix for e.g. "Copy 2021-12-20 11:50". This ensures complete visibility into information brought in from the different integrations and allows you to review these new Fact Sheets, and rectify the mapping as described in our documentation for data mapping.

The following integrations now respect this approach for VSM:

Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 13.21.20.png

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