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Upload images in Diagrams

AUTHOR: LX Product Champions

Diagramming capabilities with the Next-Generation Diagram Editor have been improved with users being able to include images in diagrams, thereby enabling them to draw Solution Architectures and other IT Architecture-related diagrams using their logos, favorite icons, etc. This functionality helps fully unfold the integration with Microsoft Visio and makes diagrams easier to use while ensuring their appeal. If for some reason such as network connectivity issues an image in a diagram cannot be loaded, a placeholder will be shown with the same dimension as the former image.

Currently, there are a few limitations to this functionality:

  • Users are not able to use undo/redo functionality while inserting an image in Diagrams. This is a bug and a solution will be delivered to fix it as soon as possible.

  • This functionality is only available for the Next-Generation Diagrams Editor.

For more details, please watch the demo video here.

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