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Value Stream Management: VSM

Update workspace configuration

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Over the next couple of days, all VSM customer workspaces receive an update of the workspace configuration. The main changes are summarized below:

Fact Sheet type changes

  • Renaming of the central Microservice Fact Sheet to Software Artifact: better reflect any deployable piece of software (e.g., microservices, monoliths, CLI, micro frontend)

  • Renaming of the Technical Component Fact Sheet to Technology: reflect any technology used in software development and deployment to run a software artifact (e.g. programming languages/frameworks, cloud services, etc.)

  • Renaming of the Violation Type Fact Sheet to Compliance Rule

  • Removal of the Violation Fact Sheet to reduce complexity

Integration and Reference

  • Every Fact Sheet now displays a unique auto-generated ID that customers can use for reference or integration purposes

  • All existing IDs on a Fact Sheet type are now grouped into the "Information" section's subsection "IDs" to provide better clarity

Fact Sheet subtypes

  • We added subtypes for the Fact Sheet types Domain, Product, Team, Software Artifact, and Technology to create a more fine-granular distinction in the objects that are being mapped

  • Subtypes allow for filtering in reports and inventory in case customers want to analyze only a specific subtype object, e.g., only display microservices instead of all software artifacts

Team Fact Sheet supports team topologies

  • We added a relation on the Team Fact Sheet type to map enabling and enabled teams

  • Team topology can be mapped on the Team Fact Sheet using a dedicated tag group

  • Both features are used in the new team topology report to provide an overview of the team landscape

Improved ready-to-use reports

  • We improved the Domain, API, and Technology landscape reports as well as the Product, Domain, and Software Artifact portfolio reports

  • We added a new Team topology report

  • The Deployment landscape report was removed due to readability reasons with scaling numbers of deployments

  • Renaming of the Microservice matrix /landscape reports to Software Artifact matrix/landscape

From now on we run nightly syncs that ensure every customer workspace is always running on the latest workspace configuration. As this is an update on the workspace configuration customers can expect to find their data unchanged in the workspace. In case of questions please reach out to your CSM or contact [email protected].

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