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Update quality seal in LeanIX EAM mobile app

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Updating the Quality Seal status for LeanIX Fact Sheets is now available on the LeanIX EAM mobile app with version 2.8.

This new functionality enables easy and informed decision-making of the Quality Seal status based on recent updates and mandatory fields. User permissions and subscription requirements to update the Quality Seal on the mobile app are consistent with the configurations in the workspace. The Quality Seal update screen shows a filtered history of updates on the Fact Sheet from the timestamp when the Quality Seal was last approved to simplify the review process. The UI will enable users to review the changes more closely and update the status of the Quality Seal.

For all mandatory attributes, there are visual indicators if values have been populated or not. In a later upgrade in June, the app will allow users to update mandatory attributes before approving the Quality Seal.

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