LeanIX Product Team
Application Portfolio Management Value Stream Management: VSM

Synchronize self-built software and its risks between LeanIX VSM and EAM

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

A new level of data synchronization provides a seamless end-to-end view of your self-built software in EAM.

The integration between LeanIX EAM and VSM now populates self-built Applications with a defined tag into the VSM Product Catalog. It also enriches the Application Fact Sheet with open-source software risk information from VSM.

The integration can be enabled and configured in the EAM workspace's admin section on the integrations page. The 'LeanIX VSM' integration's user documentation provides a detailed setup description.

Please create the required custom fields before activating the Open-Source Software (OSS) Risk Discovery synchronization. The OSS risk information can then be leveraged in views on reports and diagrams.

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