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Architecture and Road Map Planning

Synchronize initiatives with SAP Cloud ALM projects

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

SAP Cloud ALM is a tool for implementing and operating cloud and hybrid business solutions. Its capabilities assist in planning and executing cloud ERP transformation projects.

We've just released a new integration that creates a revealing link between the transformation's architecture planning in SAP LeanIX and project execution tracking in SAP Cloud ALM. This connection helps maintain a consistent overview throughout the transformation stages on the new 'Agile Tracking' tab on initiative fact sheets (or project with meta model v3).

With the integration, you can:

  • Create and link a new initiative fact sheet from an existing project in SAP Cloud ALM and vice versa.

  • Link existing initiative fact sheets and projects in SAP Cloud ALM to each other.

  • See up-to-date project status information from the linked SAP Cloud ALM project on the new 'Agile Tracking' tab on the fact sheet (e.g., status and milestones). The data sync runs every 30 minutes automatically and can be triggered manually.

  • Get the lifecycle states (active and end of life), milestone dates, and initiative status (including progress) automatically updated to the linked fact sheet.

  • Directly access the linked SAP Cloud ALM project from the fact sheet.

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