SAP LeanIX Product Team
SaaS Management Platform: SMP

Source of contracts

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

Providing transparency into the origins of data, the individual source of SaaS contracts is now available. The source is shown on the contracts list and each contract view. By adding a filter to the contract list and timeline, views can be customized by source.

There are four possible values for the source of contracts:

  • User name: The name of the user who imported or added the data with a tooltip showing the method (via import or single add form)

  • File-based discovery: When handing over exported files from a third-party system to LeanIX for analysis and with a tooltip showing the provided data source

  • System user: The data has been added by LeanIX on behalf of users (e.g., LeanIX Support)

  • Unknown: For data added before December 2022, when sources were not yet logged.

The first two values are expected standards for newly added contracts, while the last two are for data from past or rare situations.

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