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ServiceNow configuration UI improvements

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The ServiceNow integration has been improved with the following new or enhanced features:

  • Relationship mapping in the UI: While it was already possible to map relationships in the UI, it is now possible to specify more details while mapping the relationship, such as configuring the ServiceNow relationship type, reference field, and mapping table. This functionality enables users to specify more details regarding mapping the relationship without having to use the 'Advanced' tab.

  • Locations: Map LeanIX fields of the type location to ServiceNow, such as syncing the location of a user group into ServiceNow.

  • Improved Value Mapping: Mapping LeanIX fields with ServiceNow field values is more convenient, reducing the complexity of copy-pasting values out of ServiceNow and LeanIX and increasing the speed of configuration.

  • Versioning: Maintaining the ServiceNow configuration in a larger organization with multiple stakeholders can be challenging. For this purpose, users can now track changes to the configuration in the 'Versions' tab, which includes details on who made the changes and when the changes were made. Additionally, on clicking the 'Show details' button, the previous configuration can be viewed in JSON format.

  • Map related Fact Sheets: Earlier, mapping related Fact Sheets required a separate ServiceNow table. With this functionality, users can map the name of the related Fact Sheet to ServiceNow. On selecting the 'RELATED_FACTSHEETS,' the display names of all related Fact Sheets of the type selected are concatenated and written into a ServiceNow text field of the user's choice.

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