LeanIX Product Team
Architecture and Road Map Planning

Roadmap report for Transformation Items

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

For admins of workspaces with the Business Transformation Management (BTM) module using the Transformation Items Fact Sheet type, it is now possible to use the general Roadmap report and all its functionalities with Transformation Items based on lifecycle data in addition to the dedicated BTM Transformation Roadmap report (using relative timing).

This change is the first step towards our revised BTM concept and harmonizing all roadmaps within one Roadmap report. Admins can create and configure the Roadmap report for Transformation Items in the report creation wizard. When the Transformation Item Fact Sheet is selected as the base Fact Sheet type for the Roadmap report, admins now can use lifecycle data instead of the timing section on the Fact Sheet by activating the "Use Lifecycle" button.

If the toggle is off (default setting), a dedicated BTM Transformation Roadmap will be created. Switching the toggle will create a general roadmap report using lifecycle data of Transformation Items. The toggle only affects the newly recreated report but not any other report bookmarks.


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