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Revamped constraining relations editor

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The relation between Applications and Business Capabilities can be set to be valid for your entire organization or selected User Groups / Organization Fact Sheets only. This is commonly called a constraining relation, which is enabled by default only for a few selected relations.

Managing these constraining relations required editing the related Fact Sheets in a view similar to the Matrix report so far. To break down the dispensible complexity of this view, the interface to edit containing relations has been completely revised.

The Fact Sheet details page now shows a list of up to five Fact Sheets in the 'Relation valid for' section instead of only the number of constraints on the relation. With a click on 'Open overview', the entire list of selected related Fact Sheets is shown and can be edited by adding Fact Sheets from a drop-down or removing them.

For a detailed analysis, the involved Fact Sheets can still be opened on an automatically created Matrix report.

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