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Restructuring and renaming in the admin area

AUTHOR: LX Product Champions

As announced earlier, we have restructured and renamed the menu of the admin area. We have updated the structure and category names to better match the current configuration entries. The list of the changes are:

  • Category name 'Fact Sheet Types' has been renamed to 'Meta Model Configuration.'

  • A search for configuration items has been introduced to help find them faster.

  • By default, all items within the sections in the admin area will be ordered alphabetically and structured in a better way. Some examples are:

    • My Settings (e.g., notifications, profile, password)

    • Basic Settings (e.g., logo & color, metamodel configuration, subscription roles, tagging, users)

    • Advanced Settings (e.g., access control, collections, export, optional features, reports, surveys)

    • Discovery & Integrations (e.g., API tokens, developer tools, integration API, sync logging)

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