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SaaS Management Platform: SMP

Renewals Board

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Managing SaaS contract renewals requires guidance and processes to make contracts fit your business's needs. We added a Kanban-style board to manage all renewals proactively, ensuring high-quality and repeatable renewable processes.

By organizing contracts as cards and moving them through different phases, the Renewals Board ensures consistent management and clear visibility of each contract's status to everyone involved. Verify service relevance, update volume requirements, forecast committed spend, and validate the budget collaboratively.

The Renewals board supports focussed views with search and filtering capabilities and is structured into four phases:

  • Backlog: Contracts needing renewal, including new contracts and changes to existing ones. All new contracts are added to the Backlog phase, where they can be reviewed and prioritized for further action.

  • In Review: Contracts that need to be assessed against renewal criteria.

  • In Progress: Contracts undergoing renewal with activities like negotiations, legal reviews, and revisions to be monitored.

  • Done: Completed contracts that have been successfully renewed.

The user documentation's 'Contracts Renewals Board' section provides further details.

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