LeanIX Product Team

Reference Fact Sheets for views on diagrams

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Color-coded Views for fields on relations and fields of related Fact Sheets have been supported for some time now. Since Fact Sheets can have multiple relations of the selected view, the resulting color was computed using an aggregation method (e.g., sum, average, minimum, or maximum).

On Next-Generation Free Draw diagrams, besides the aggregation methods, a related Fact Sheet can now be chosen as a reference. When selected, all Fact Sheets of the view's type on the diagram show a color determined based on the value on the selected related Fact Sheet. No aggregation method is applied in this case because there can only be a single instance of a given relation between two Fact Sheets, even if the Fact Sheet or its relation is not present in the diagram.

This selection enables views for non-numeric fields on relations or related Fact Sheets, for example, the usage type on the relation between Applications and User Groups. The availability of views based on such fields depends on the field's 'Include in views' option in the Meta Model configuration.

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