LeanIX Product Team

Reference Catalog linking during Fact Sheet creation

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Making new Fact Sheets for SaaS applications and IT Components more convenient, users can now see and choose recommendations from the Reference Catalogs to populate new Fact Sheets with essential data automatically.

  • When the optional SaaS Catalog is enabled in a workspace, users get recommendations for SaaS Applications proposed from the SaaS Catalog matching the entered Fact Sheet name.

  • Similarly, when a new IT Component Fact Sheet is created in a workspace with the TRM module, users can see recommendations from the Lifecycle Catalog.

In both cases, users can then select the recommended Fact Sheet from the "Recommendations from Reference Catalog" section in the Fact Sheet creation dialog box. On clicking "Create and Link", the newly created Fact Sheet will have all the details from the relevant Reference Catalog as configured in Admin > Reference Data section and provided in a preview.

With this feature, a newly created IT Component or Application Fact Sheet doesn't need to be linked to the Reference Catalog separately.

For more information, please see the "Import from Lifecycle Catalog during Fact Sheet creation" and "Import from SaaS Catalog during Fact Sheet creation" sections in the LeanIX user documentation or watch the demo video here.

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