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Value Stream Management: VSM

Open-source tool to accelerate SBOM generation

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Generating CycloneDX Software Bills of Materials (SBOM) for all relevant services in product organizations requires a substantial time because all teams must touch their CI/CD pipelines.

A stand-alone tool released in the open-source community helps to boost the process of collecting SBOMs at scale for their usage in LeanIX VSM. Available under the Apache License (version 2.0), the tool is:

  • Adaptable to different Git setups (Github, Gitlab, etc.)

  • Capable of automatically generating SBOMs across entire Git organizations

  • Providing generated SBOMs to LeanIX VSM

  • Significantly reducing the time-to-value in SBOM generation

According to the open-source approach, contributions to further improve the tool are welcomed.

The tool's technical documentation provides details for developers on how to use it.

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