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Next-Generation Diagrams updates

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The Next-Generation Diagrams were enhanced with three significant updates:

  1. The export of diagrams (e.g., as PDF files) is available from the initial view mode. It's not necessary anymore to start the edit mode for an export.

  2. You can now select individual Fact Sheets from a filtered list of related Fact Sheets to add them to a Next-Generation diagram. Instead of adding all related Fact Sheets and removing some, use the 'Show dependency by filter' or 'Drill-down by filter' options in the context menu ('Show Interfaces by filter' on Data Flows) and pick those of interest from the list.

  3. To ensure the consistent functionality of automated 'Check for Updates' and 'Create new Fact Sheet', it's no longer possible to manually remove or move shapes out of a container on diagrams created automatically through a drill-down.

    For the same reason, multiple drill-downs to different Fact Sheet types together in one container are not supported because the different Fact Sheets don't have a relation to each other. Alternatively, any Fact Sheets added via 'Show dependencies' can be placed next to an automatically created drill-down container to one Fact Sheet type. Or the Fact Sheet can be added multiple times to the canvas, and different drill-downs applied to each.

    A feature for manual drill-downs on diagrams is in discovery. Leave feedback on our roadmap item and tell us why and how important this would be for you.

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