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Next-Generation Data Flow

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

A significant milestone has been reached: The Next-Generation Data Flow diagrams are live in early access.

Improving how data is processed and analyzed in diagrams, Next-Generation Data Flows bring all the benefits of the new technology (e.g., layers, grouping, aligning and auto-sizing shapes, etc.) to Data Flow diagrams, especially when using the 'Manual Layout' mode.

Although the feature is not yet at the full functional scope, we believe it benefits early adopters. As with Next-Generation Free Draw Diagrams, Data Flows can be used in parallel with the previous technology.

The user documentation's 'Next-Generation Data Flow' section provides further details on the status of upcoming feature improvements that will be added sequentially.

Sharing your feedback and suggestions on the roadmap item is essential to ensure the final version will meet your needs.

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