LeanIX Product Team

New Version Of Okta Integration for SaaS Discovery

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

SaaS Discovery is an optional feature that automatically detects SaaS applications used in your organization. It integrates with a number of different sources, including single sign-on (e.g., Okta), to discover existing and new services. EAM admin users can activate the feature in the admin area's 'Optional Features & Early Access' section.

The Okta Integration for SaaS Discovery in EAM and the Discover Integration in LeanIX SMP stands on new feet and is now officially verified by Okta. The fully revised version is implemented using Okta's API Service (oauth) instead of the previous token-based access. This makes the integration easier to set up and more secure by using a service account with strictly defined permissions.

Existing Okta integrations won't be moved to the latest version automatically. You can transition your integration by simply updating the login credentials of the existing integration configuration by December 15, 2023.

After that date, no more data will be synchronized through the previous integration version. A 'What's new' notification will remind you again before the date, and warnings in the integrations configuration section of your SMP workspace and SaaS Discovery section of your EAM workspace will pop up after that date.

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