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New LeanIX SMP Import API

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The ability to discover all your SaaS applications is crucial to managing and securing your entire portfolio. For SaaS discovery, data is key. And that means being able to access every relevant source of data for a complete overview of everything you got.

To help customers achieve total transparency in their SaaS ecosystem and provide the ability to easily integrate any data source, we are introducing LeanIX SMP Import API – a data ingestion technology that enables customers to push a variety of different data types to SMP for discovery, be it services, spend, contracts, user accounts or whatever can and needs to be discovered.

Customers can create a custom integration by clicking the 'custom integration' button under the 'Discover Integrations' tab from the admin settings.

Setting up custom integrations is easy:

  • Add a name to the integration

  • Select the category for data source and the data type to discover from the drop-down menu.

  • With the endpoint generated, use the database configuration and system authentication to ingest data from your data source to SMP

Import API can be applied to a range of use cases, such as gaining total SaaS visibility and driving SaaS spend optimization.

In this initial rollout, we support the custom integrations via the Import API for SSOs and Financial Management Systems, while extending the footprint for other data source categories: Contract Management, HRIS, Credit Card, and Expense Management.

For more information on LeanIX SMP Import API, please read our user documentation and blog post.

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