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Auto-extending search bar

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

Inspired by your feedback on the search experience, we redesigned elements of the main navigation bar. The core of this update is the automatically enlarging quick search bar showing more details of search results.

These are the usability-improving changes:

  • Extending quick search
    The width of the central quick search bar now dynamically resizes when you initiate a search. The gained space offers a better overview of search results with Fact Sheets having long names, especially with hierarchies in their display names. Fundamental information is visible immediately, without having to hover over the result to see the full information in the tooltip. Also, a button at the far right of the search bar to remove a search entry makes switching between different search queries faster.

  • Emphasizing the beginning and end of the Fact Sheet (display) name
    To emphasize the most essential parts of long Fact Sheet names, we present an ellipsis in the center rather than the end of Fact Sheet names in search results. This condenses the central part of the display name while showing the most important context of the search results, the top-level parent, as well as the Fact Sheet name, making it easier to identify the Fact Sheet.

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