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Mandatory questions in Surveys

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

If respondents to your surveys miss answering questions that are essential to the survey's objective, it can lead to wasted time as you chase complete responses. To avoid this, you can now mark questions as mandatory for submission in the improved Survey response form released in April 2023.

Such questions on Fact Sheet elements with the 'Mandatory' option toggled on are indicated with a red asterisk in the response form and must not have an empty state. Otherwise, submitting the Survey response is not possible. If a Fact Sheet field or relation connected to a mandatory question is already populated with a previous value, users can submit the survey without changing it. Questions in existing Surveys based on deprecated Fact Sheet Segments can't be made mandatory.

Although the mandatory questions in Surveys can align with the configuration of mandatory fields on Fact Sheets, they are independent of each other and don’t need to be combined.

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